Formal Assessment of SilverDyne®

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SilverDyne® is a product intended for the treatment of drinking water for personal use. An advantage of silver over chlorine is that it is much more persistent in water and its efficacy is less influenced by soluble organic matter (Gerba, Silver as a Disinfectant). The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA, 1987), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF, 2006) and the World Health Organization (WHO, 2011) have recommendations for the reduction of bacteria, viruses and protozoan parasites for water treatment disinfectants and devices. This study was conducted to assess the ability of SilverDyne to reduce the numbers of an enteric bacterium and a bacterial virus. Raoultella terrigena (formally Klebsiella terrigena) and coliphage MS-2 were used as the test organisms in accordance with procedures out line in the United States Environmental Protection Agency Guide Standard for Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers (USEPA, 1987).